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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interview With a Vampire

Movie: Interview with a Vampire (1994)
Starring: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, & Kirsten Dunst

I have one word for you - AMAZING! I was not sure what to expect but being a vampire fan I figured that I would at the very least be entertained. I was so much more than enthralled, however, I was completely captivated!

Interview with a Vampire follows Louis (Brad Pitt) as he gives an interview to a reporter about his life as a vampire from his "birth" to present day. His life covers centuries and most of that time is spent in the company of Tom Cruise's character,Lestat. Along the way they meet Claudia (Kirsten Dunst)....A family is born :)

What I Didn't Like About This Movie:

- Some scenes were too long but nothing was overly done....there are just maybe one or two scenes that I wouldve liked to have seen cut down but I understand that they were important, yeah....

What I LOVE About this Film:

- Kirsten Dunst was twelve years old when she played the role of vampire Claudia in this movie....Her performance is breathtaking....I really have no words for it. I was unbelievably impressed!

- I pretty much dislike Tom Cruise in most things....not because he is a bad actor, but just because he is annoying to me. In this movie, however, I could not have seen anyone else as Lestat. He did an amazing job.

- Brad Pitt never disappoints me. You give him a job to do and he does it way beyond anyone's expectations. While this is not my favorite of his roles (my favorite of his roles is Mickey O'Neil in Snatch) I still was taken completely in by his performance. Fascinating....

- I loved the humor in this movie lol It was a very dark film but at the same time it had some pretty funny parts in it....mainly provided by Cruise's character.

- The wardrobe and makeup were fantastic!!!

- I loved seeing New Orleans back in the 1700s and then progress on through present day. It was interesting to watch the changes take place as time passed.

I loved this movie and as vampire movies go this is my new favorite. Very well done!! Five out of five hearts! :)


Jason Goes To Hell

Movie: Jason Goes to Hell (1993)
Starring: Kane Hodder

I am a huge fan of the Jason movies, however, I am also a firm believer in that every good thing must come to an end....and this series should have ended before this movie was ever dragged out for so long that you come to expect the same things in each movie, and that's exactly what you get. In this Jason movie we learn the secret to how Jason is able to seemingly live's interesting but after the first little bit I was ready for this one to end.

What I Liked About This Movie:

- There were some "OMGOSH! NO WAY!" moments as far as just being sick and twisted....other than that, though, the movie was no that interesting.

- Some of the effects were very well done and the makeup was great overall...

What I Didn't Like About This Movie:

- It was shot in Lifetime movie may or may not know what I am talking about.....but when the movie first came on I really felt like I was watching Lifetime with the cheesy low budget opening credits.

- The idea was good but it dragged on forever leaving me bored and wanting it to be over.

- Way, WAAYY too predictable.

- You hardly ever actually see Jason in this movie....I understand why....but still it's annoying and takes away from the whole "Jason experience"....

- The whole movie dragged on but the ending especially seemed to go on FOR AN ETERNITY!!!


- Overall this movie was horrible....aside from one scene and a couple of "No way!" moments, I hated all of it. I give it 1 out of 5 hearts <3

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Movie: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)
Starring: Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Mornay,& Matt McCoy

When this movie came out, I was ten years old. I remember being so jealous that my older sister could watch it and I couldn't. Overall, it was worth the wait :)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle deals with a psycho nanny out to get her revenge on the woman who has ruined her life. I dont know what it is about psycho nanny movies but they pull me in every time. This one was no exception.

What I Liked About This Movie:

- The script was well written and kept my attention. I was not left feeling bored rather I was left wanting to know what was going to happen next.

- This movie made me appreciate technology moreso than I have in a long time. There are several times throughout the movie when someone DESPERATELY needs to get a hold of someone else and if they can't get a hold of them at work or at home then they are pretty much screwed and have to just sit and wait it out. Also, an important document is lost that had there been a computer to save it on, this would not have happened. A death in the movie actually could have been easily prevented had a cell phone/text messaging been available, for crying out loud!! Plus, there's no internet to just hop onto to do extensive research on your nanny....Frustrating but I was glad for the reminder of how lucky we are nowadays :)

- This movie is's something that I enjoyed watching today as much as I probably wouldve enjoyed watching it when it first came out (had I been old enough to really "get it" ;)

- The only guy on Designing Women is in this's the only other thing that I've ever seen him on and he did a great job! :)

- The "creepy" factor is pretty high in places in this movie....and actually, this movie is pretty believable. I could see this happening in real life.

- I've never been a huge Julianne Moore fan, however, she plays a great role in this film as Claire (the mom's) best friend! I love her attitude! :)

- They did follow-ups/fill-ins on characters who had gone away....I always like this in a film. It seems odd to me when in some movies characters will all of a sudden just be gone and you never hear another word about them.

- The characters were well developed in this film. And actually at times I felt myself feeling very sorry for Peyton (the nanny), even if she was a total psycho. She's had a rough time :/

- **SPOILER ALERT** Claire punches Peyton in the face in one scene OUT OF FRIGGING NO WHERE!!! and it's the best thing I've ever seen in my whole life! HAHA WOW!!! I've never seen somebody fly that far across a room just from being punched in the face.....IT.WAS.AWEESSOMMMMEEE!!!! :D

- The ending is pretty hardcore and amazing. I wouldn't have changed anything about it! :)

What I Didn't Like About This Movie:

- Too many boobs. Sorry. They're just everywhere. Between all of the breast feeding and breast exams I was completely boobed out by the end of this movie.

- I wished that more people had figured out who Peyton really was and had been murdered....I know that sounds horrible!!! lol....but I mean, if you're going to have a movie about a psycho, go big or go home.

- Okay, this got me.....Claire literally just met Peyton out in the street and invites her into her home. Within just a few minutes she is alone with the baby and within a day she has moved into the house. I dunno, that's just almost like asking for it :/

Unexpected Surprise:

- So while I was watching this movie, the couples oldest child (Emma) who is about six in the movie kept looking more and more familiar to me. I IMDB'd her name (Madeline Zima)and realized that she is in one of my more recent favorite movies A Cinderella Story, starring Hilary Duff. I always think that its neat to run across an actor that you like in a movie that they were in when they were small :)

Overall the storyline was great and well thought out. It kept my attention, I just wish that more people had been killed and that there were some more psycho moments :)It wouldve made things a little more intersting...Not bad, though... I give it a 4 out of 5 hearts.


Mortal Thoughts

Movie: Mortal Thoughts (1991)
Starring: Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, & Harvey Keitel

Given the fact that I have been mislead by the summary of the last few movies that I have watched, I was skeptical about this one. I was drawn to it initially because of the cast. I had never seen Demi and Bruce in a movie together that I can remember so I was interested to see how they played off of each other on film. While I began watching the film with reservations, I am happy to report that I LOVED IT!!!! :)

In Mortal Thoughts, Cynthia (Moore), goes to the police to report what she knows about her best friend's abusive husband's (Willis) murder. Cynthia watches as her own life begins to fall apart as she sits down with police to remember that fateful night...The tagline says it best: "Murder is a secret that should never be shared..."

What I Didn't Like About This Movie:

- There really was not that much that I disliked about Mortal Thoughts....the main thing would be that some scenes went on a little longer than maybe was necessary but it wasn't excessive. My interest was still kept. I watched this movie during a marathon and it was 3/4 of the way through when I started to feel hungry....but I REFUSED to stop the movie to get anything to eat!! lol It definitely kept my attention throughout!

What I Liked About This Movie:

- It was well written! FINALLY! After watching a handful of duds in back to back it was great to finally see a movie that was well thought out!

- The acting was amazing!!! Bruce and Demi together do not disappoint!

- I liked that during the beginning credits of the movie they use old home videos/photos to establish that Cynthia and her friend have been friends since they were babies rather than have a longer, more drawn out beginning in order to let us know their history. It saved so much time!!

- I wanted to mention Bruce specifically....He had to play a character that was VERY violent towards women and while he is an amazing actor I would feel that for any decent man that role would be a stretch and would have to be very hard to wrap your mind around. I applaud his performance as one of the best low lifes I have seen in a movie in awhile! Bravo! :)

- I always love Harvey Keitel as an investigator :)

- As I mentioned before, the movie went along at a great pace....I couldn't stop watching it for a second and I was happy to see that it included twists and some very shocking outcomes!!!

- The ending was NOT what I expected....but it was interesting....I still don't know how I feel about it....but I didn't hate it :)

I had never heard of this movie before I saw it listed on Netflix....It is a movie that I could see myself watching again. I give it 4.5 out of 5 hearts! :)


Presumed Innocent

Movie: Presumed Innocent (1990)
Starring: Harrison Ford

You know that nightmare where you are sitting in the most unbelievably boring class listening to a professor lecture in monotone. You stare pleadingly at the clock, praying for the class to just END. What feels like an hour later you look at the clock again and find out that it's only been about 3 minutes.....That is what it is like when you are watching this movie.

Presumed Innocent is about a prosecutor (Ford) who is assigned to investigate the murder of one of his co-workers. His fingerprints ultimately turn up at the scene of the crime and he has to admit that he has been having an affair with her. And that is just the beginning of his problems.....Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Sure. That's why I watched it. However, not everything is as great as it seems at face value and that is certainly true for this movie.

What I Like About This Movie:

- As with so many movies that I have seen, I liked the idea of the movie, however, it was FAR too long and did not hold my attention. It really could have been a good movie....they even had a great cast starring Harrison freaking Ford!! But even Ford's flawless performance was not enough to fix a horrible script.

What I Did Not Like About This Movie:

- WAAAYYY too long....It was an absolute chore to try to make it through to the end of this movie.

- The ending was really stupid....I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who plans on watching it but it just was far too predictable for me....

- His wife annoyed me in this movie....She put up with WAY too much from him and it just seemed unrealistic to me....I guess that's just because I know I wouldnt put up with even one percent of what she did....


- This movie gets 1 out of 5 hearts for having a good basis but a horrible result.

The Dead Next Door

Movie: The Dead Next Door (1989)
Starring: Pete Ferry

Okay, I am probably the biggest zombie movie fan ever. I realize that they are made mostly to be cheesy.....but this one was over the top for me. There was absolutely no plot whatsoever....The only thing that I liked about the movie was the zombies are some of the BEST that I've seen as far as makeup/special effects. However, that is the ONLY thing that I liked about this movie which is why I am not even going to bother doing this review in my usual format.

I wanted to watch this movie for two reasons: 1) It's about zombies and 2) it's reported to be the most expensive 8mm film ever made.....I'm not a fan of 8mm films, however, I wanted to see what this one was like.

There is no storyline to follow....I just...AGGGHH!!! I have no words....I'm so disappointed. My only advice to you on this movie if you ever plan to watch it is this: Get really drunk first. I mean REALLY drunk. Because maybe then you could at least watch it and probably get a good laugh out of it if nothing else :) Otherwise, I would not ever advise wasting your time with this film.

I give this film 1 out of 5 hearts and that is ONLY because the zombies were AWESOME!!! Especially for it only being 1989. They were better than some of the ones I have seen in more recent zombie films. However, if it were not for that I would have given this film zero hearts.


The Dead Pool

Movie: The Dead Pool (1988)
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Liam Neeson
Featuring: Jim Carey

When I saw the list of who was in this film, I HAD to watch it!! I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan and was very interested to see what kind of a role Jim Carey played. The acting was superb, however, the movie itself was too long.

Clint Eastwood comes back as "Dirty Harry" Callahan in The Dead Pool. In this film, an underground sports pool of sorts is going on with bets placed on which celebrity is going to die next. Celebrity's names are crossed off one by one while Dirty Harry racks his brain trying to find the killer(s). But will HE be next?

What I Liked About This Movie:

- JIM CAREY! His role in this movie was great. Jim does not play his usual "funny man" role but rather a drug addicted rocker. The first few seconds that we see Carey in the film, however, he is up to his usual routine of dancing around and busting out some of his signature moves/expressions. His look is different from any other look that I've seen him have in any of his other films. When he's not dancing around trying to make a music video, he is serious and almost dark. Amazing performance!!

- Liam Neeson's killer rat tail!

- Clint Eastwood, as always, was amazing :) He never disappoints me in his delivery.

- Cheesy one liners....I dunno, I'm a sucker for 'em :)

What I Did Not Like About This Movie:

- The idea behind this movie is awesome!! However, this movie was FAR too long....Had it been shorter and stayed more on track I probably would have liked it better. I found myself getting bored and just wanting it to be over.

- One thing that would have made this movie better for me is if Jim Carey had been in it LONGER. His character was only in the movie for maybe 6 minutes TOPS. This disappointed me as I would have LOVED for them to have developed his character more. In the short time that he was on screen you could tell that he really had a strong grip on his character...I just wish that he had had more screen time to allow us to be more connected to him.

- By the end of this movie, I was lost. When the killer was revealed I did not even know who he is or what he was talking about when he was telling why he had started killing people. The movie most definitely peaked when Jim Carey was on the screen and that, unfortunately, was very near the beginning of the film.


I enjoyed the idea of this movie, I just wish it had stayed on topic more. It lost me by the end and I wanted a lot more Jim Carey!! Overall, I give it a 2 out of 5 hearts. Not that great, except for Jim and of course Clint Eastwood.